Why Wingwave Coaching?

Wingwave is very often referred to as a Turbo-Coaching by which you grow your inner power and emotional balance in a short amount of time. 

If you are facing a challenging life situation, coaching will help you deal with it head on. Successful managers, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and renowned artists have all reached their peak and remained at the top of their game while working with a life coach. Coaching will prepare you for challenges in your private and professional life.


You can achieve work-life balance, deal with difficult people, strengthen your mental resilience, and change unfulfilling situations. Coaching is not a psychotherapeutic method for dealing with a mental illness but a straightforward approach that will support you in developing new behaviors and habits. Thousands of healthy and high-functioning people have identified and accessed their potential and talents while working with a coach. Coaching will teach you to face the future without dwelling on the past. It is preventative, providing you with effective tools to deal with the stress of future situations and burdens from the past.


Wingwave® coaching is perfect for all areas in life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences or negative emotions regarding future events. Limiting thinking and behavioral patterns can easily be transformed and mental blocks resolved. You will learn how to effectively access your capabilities and resources whenever you need them.


Wingwave® is not a form of psychotherapy and is no substitute thereof. It is not meant to cure mental illnesses that should be handled by a medical professional. A client’s normal ability to handle psychological and physical stress is a precondition for this type of coaching.


Wingwave® coaching is the preferred method for:
Sports Coaching

  • Prepare mentally for peak performance in tournaments or other important performances

  • Process and overcome past defeats mentally and emotionally

  • Coaching of olympic teams and athletes   

Executive Coaching

  • Effectively prepare for important and challenging conversations, speeches and presentations

  • Resolve conflicts in the work environment

  • Achieve work-life balance

Performance Coaching

Wingwave® coaching offers the most effective mental and emotional preparation for any situation that is connected with how others perceive your performance such as:


  • Exams and auditions

  • Assessment centers

  • Job interviews

  • Public appearances

  • Media interviews

Coaching to Increase Your Creativity

  • Overcome mental blocks that interfere with your creativity

  • Boost your creativity

  • Stop the tendency to procrastinate

Coaching to increase your Inner Sense of Well-Being

  • Increase your feeling of self-confidence

  • Overcome phobias and anxieties such as test anxiety, fear of flying, stage fright, arachnophobia, dental treatment anxiety

  • Reduce physical stress such as lack of sleep, jetlag, or fatigue

  • Overcome family, marital, or partnership stress

  • Deal with interpersonal disappointments or verbal mistreatment

  • Learn to handle extreme food cravings and how to lose weight