For Coaches and Therapists

Why should I learn The Wingwave Technique?

If you love to make a big difference in your practice and want to up-level your coaching with a new breakthrough technique, Wingwave® is for you. It is an effective process which can be used on its own or in addition to other therapeutic and coaching techniques you may already use.

By becoming a Wingwave® coach, you will be able to help your clients achieve and sustain peak performance, overcome mental blocks, activate personal resources and new behaviours, regulate stress, and achieve desired results. Many cases have been reported where Wingwave® coaching actually supported the healing process.


The Wingwave training is primarily suitable for professional:

  • Coaches (e.g. NLP, Systemic Coaches, ...)

  • Therapists (e.g. EMDR, Kinesiology, Energy Work, Hypnosis,...)

  • Health Practitioners

  • Psychologists

Lately with the pressing need for driving profound innovations faster in the business sector, we see more and more change makers with an interest in neuroscience and psychology coming in and benefiting from the training:

  • Executive - Directors, Managers and

  • Change Consultants

How can I become A Wingwave Coach?

The four-day training course in Wingwave® coaching is aimed at professional coaches, trainers and therapists.


It represents an additional module to your finished education comprising at least 130 hours of NLP, communications psychology, psychotherapy or comparable qualifications. The trainer has to be licensed by the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany - the founder of this methodology.

You'll find Wingwave® trainer in Germany, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, USA, Australia and lately in Hong Kong. Please check the official website for a list of trainers in your country.

To which clients can I apply the technique?

Wingwave® coaching is ideal for business executives, managers, artists, athletes, and others for whom the ability to achieve and maintain optimum performance on demand is a necessity. In addition to this it is well received by children.


It is also very efficient for eliminating anxieties, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Please note that you need to be a trained therapist in order to work with clients who suffer from mental diseases according to ICD-10.

What Can I do with a Wingwave Certificate?

With the Wingwave® Certificate in your hands you are ready to go and coach clients.

Upon successful completion of the 4-day training and signing of the Wingwave coach contract the training you will be a member of the world-wide Wingwave® quality circle (free for first year) of the Besser-Siegmund-Institut GmbH as a coach. This includes 

  • publishing your profile on the official homepage

  • access to official marketing material.

  • access to the knowledge sharing platforms the Wingwave community (login area, Facebook groups for Wingwave® coaches).

  • reduced fee for participation at the annual Wingwave conference in November and free online-access to the presentations shown there.


With the Wingwave® Certificate the Wingwave® you earn the right to repeat the Wingwave Coach training as a Wingwave® trainer assistant for free world wide and at any time (to refresh your knowledge and for quality insurance).

What about the Quality of the Wingwave Training?

The Besser-Siegmund Institut GmbH and Head Office in Hamburg is the governing body for wingwave® and certified by the German TÜV (Registry Nr. 41 554, DIN EN ISO 9001) for conceptual design and implementation of psychologically sound training courses, individual coaching sessions as well as seminars and further training courses specific to the customer. The certification is globally valid and the international website is

All Wingwave® trainer are trained to deliver the same quality of training according to the standards of the Besser-Siegmund Institut.

Wingwave® Coaches are being recognised by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

How Popular is Wingwave?

Wingwave® has been invented over 10 years ago by Cora and Harry Besser Siegmung, the founder of the Besser-Siegmund-Institut in Germany. 


Since then over 5900 Wingwave® Coaches in more than 30 countries have been certified so far.