Passionate About Personal Growth

After spending 15 years driving a fruitful corporate career in large scale, international companies in Germany and in the USA, I decided to go on a journey of exploration. I wanted to understand what it is that is holding people back from becoming the best versions of themselves.

This brought me to coaching and personal development - first for myself, then for others. As a mathematician by training, I see logic, and systemic patterns where others often see only chaos. I was fascinated to learn and understand how our environment, and our body, mind, emotions and even our human energy field were interconnected.  

In 2012 I became a Wingwave® Coach. It changed my life. And I feel grateful for having being able to touch the lives of hundreds of my coaching clients in a positive way.


Now I'm living in Hong Kong and working as an internationally recognised independent coach and consultant for private clients (www.wingwave-hk.com) as well as for corporate clients (www.intent-x.com).

Certifications (extract)
Academic Qualifications
  • Master of Science of Mathematics, Germany

  • Master of Arts of Business Coaching and Change Management, Germany